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Creative, technical, administrative – it’s up to you. Virtual assistants can help you handle a difficult situation or work on your longer projects. With Tornedo, you get access to a wide variety of skills. Here are the most popular ones.

Why you need a virtual assistant?

If you want to reduce costs

No need to hire a full-time employee. Outsource your small tasks and only pay for the time your project needs. In addition, you won’t need to spend a lot of time and money training them. Virtual assistants can get started right away and know exactly what information they will need to do their job.

If you want to save time

Putting together a job ad, posting it online, screening and interviewing candidates all take time. Instead, hire a verified expert to help you right away. They will be able to focus entirely on the task at hand without the delay of getting used to a new workplace.

If you want to use your employees better

People who’ve worked for you a long time have lots of valuable experience and know-how. Why waste all that knowledge on administrative and routine tasks? Of course, these can’t be neglected too – that’s where a virtual assistant comes in.

If you’re in trouble

If you have a crisis on your hands, time is essential. Whether it’s a communication issue, or a legal one, getting someone to help you deal with the aftermath is vital. A well-managed crisis can be turned in your favour, so don’t hesitate and ask for help when you need it.

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